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2020-10-6 Sales information

Sales information update.

966K Year 13021Hours

WA380-7 2015Year 10098Hours

SH200-5 2013?Year 7708Hours

ZX30UR-3 2014Year 2878Hours__CNP

WA380-8 2017Year 8132Hours 18315KM

GC380F-2 1998Year 11796Hours KM


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Asta-tech Co., Ltd

2020-9-30 Machine information

Sales Information Today.

GC380F-2 1998Year 11796Hours

WA380-7 2015Year 11786Hours

PC200-6 1994Year 19751Hours__PIPE

901C-2 2015Year 573Hours__CAB

336E- 2016Year 1139Hours__PIPE, MLL

PC200-8N1 2011Year 6280Hours

PC200-8N1 2008Year 9953Hours

ZX200-3 2012Year 6457Hours__ARM CRANE

Please feel free to contact us if you find some interest.

Asta-tech Co., Ltd

2020-9-29 Sales information

Sales information today.

ZX200-3 2012Year 6457Hours__ARM CRANE

SV510D-1 2003Year 8014Hours__EPA


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our sales person will reply and assist for you.


Asta-tech Co., Ltd


2019-9-16 Machine Information

Machine information that will be soon come out.

GD200A-1 1984Year ?Hours 46985KM__SCARIFIRE

GD305A-1 1992Year 3833Hours__SCARIFIRE

ZX210K-5B 2014Year 5400Hours__PIP

HD512-6 2016Year 2291Hours__SKELTON BKT ONLY

WA150-3 2001Year 5434Hours

WA50-3 1995Year 3306Hours__CAB

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Asta-tech Co., Ltd



Machine information

Please contact us if you interested.


ZX75US-3 2012Year 3129Hours

308CCR 2006Year 4088Hours

HD308US-6 2015Year 4572Hours

ZX135US 2008Year 9580Hours

SH120-3 2008Year 6664Hours

SH120-3 2005Year 8923Hours
SH120-3 2007Year 6564Hours
SH120-3 2007Year 6414Hours

314ECR 2013Year 10714Hours

SH200HD-3 2006Year 9629Hours

ZX470R-5B 2014Year 5713Hours

ZX470LC-5B 2015Year 7705Hours



320CL 2001Year 8000Hours__MAGNET


KR10HM 1992Year 11520Hours 92794KM

MST2300VD 2013Year 5250Hours

D65PX-15 2005Year 8666Hours

SV513TF 2015Year 588Hours


Looking forward to hearing.

Asta-tech Co., Ltd


Below units are not yet in the market. the machine owners are motivated to sell now. If you interested, we can negotiate with the owner.


BM595F-1 2001Year ?Hours

KR10HL-2 1999Year 18711Hours 143573KM

KR10H 1996Year 28402Hours 174438KM

HD512V 2014?Year 7538Hours

D21P-7E 2000Year 4558Hours

D21A-8E0 2008Year 1279Hours

MG500S 1995Year 1635Hours 5532KM

MG500S 1986Year 8318Hours 46650KM

MG500S 1989Year 7900Hours 62583KM

MG130 1994Year 769Hours

HA60W-7 2008Year 10133Hours

MF45WE 2003?Year 5586Hours

2020-9-1 New information

How is situation about Corona virus? Japan is still under struggling to reduce infected numbers.

Please stay safe.

Sales information that is not in the market yet.

ZX135USBL-3 2012year 4735hours with arm crane

ZX200-3 2012year 6457hours

PC120-8 2009year 10150hours

D21P-8 2015year 430hours with cabin and G shoe plate.


Please contact us if you are interested.

2020-8-31 New information

ZX470LC-5B 2014Year 6800Hours

ZX470LC-6 ?Year 1480Hours__EPA

PC120-5 1990Year 8671Hours__ONLY BKT ATTACHED

HD308US-6A 2017Year 2601Hours__ARM CRANE, PIPE, BLD

HB205-1 2013Year 1622Hours__PIPE

LD1000 ?Year 5298Hours

WA320-6 2013Year ?Hours


Please contact us if intersted.

2020-8-27 Information Update

Owner is looking for bid

WA40-3E 1261Hours with cabin

ZW50-5B 162Hour with cabin

SH200-6 2014Year 7964Hours

SH120-5 2013Year 6500Hours with ARM CRANE


If interested, please contact us from “ontact form” for more details.

Homepage Renewal

We finally established new website.

I will post Machine information here.